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Extending the use of GaAs power pHEMT in space

The PPH15X-20 GaAs pHEMT technology has been successfully space evaluated and is now part of the European Preferred Part List (EPPL) established by the European Space Agency (ESA)(1). This evaluation includes a BCB protection layer.

The reliability study and ESCC (European Space Component Coordination) evaluation of the technology have been supported by CNES and ESA.

This GaAs 0.15µm pHEMT process is optimized for linear power applications up to 45GHz and provides a unique performance:

  • Very high power density: 0.8W/mm @3dBc
  • High linearity: IMR3 of 56dBc@10dB backoff
  • High PAE
  • High gain
  • Full compatibility with low cost plastic molded QFN

The process includes two metal interconnect layers, precision TaN resistors, high value TiWSi resistors, MIM capacitors (standard/high density and over via), air bridges and backside via holes.


No drift after more than 8000 hours
  • Gate length: 0.15µm
  • Ids@gm Max:  350mA/mm
  • Ids Sat:  575mA/mm
  • VBDS: >12V
  • Cutt-off frequency: 70GHz
  • V pinch: -0.95V
  • Gm Max: 480ms/mm
  • Noise/Ass Gain@freq:  1.8dB/ 6dB@40GHz

(1) European Space Agency / European Space Components Information Exchange System – EPPL list:

 - Foundry