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CHKA012bSYA a broadband powerful GaN transistor

UMS propose this new power bar in Hermetic package.



The CHKA12bSYA is an unmatched High Power GaN transistor. This power bar covers from DC to up 6GHz. It exhibits a high power of 130W with an excellent PAE. Its consumption remains low with 50V @ 640mA; It can be used in CW or Pulsed mode. It’s associated gain @ max PAE is of 16dB @1.3GHz



The CHKA012bSYA is designed on a UMS GaN 0.5µm proprietary technology.


This circuit is proposed in an hermetic metal ceramic flanged package which makes it an excellent solution not only for telecommunication and radar for space but also for all applications requiring hermetic solutions



Main characteristics:


  • Wide Band Capability: Up to 6GHz
  • High Psat: 130W
  • High Power Added Efficiency: 58%@1.3GHz
  • Pulsed and CW operating modes
  • DC Bias: 50V @ ID_Q=640mA
  • MTTF >106 hours @ Tj =200°C
  • Associated Gain @ Max PAE: 16dB@1.3GHz
  • Hermetic ceramic metal flanged power Package
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