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CHA7062-QCB a new powerful High Power Amplifier

Your telecom applications deserve it



The CHA7062-QCB is a large band 13-20GHz High Power Amplifier designed for your Point to Point and VSAT applications. Its consumption is low with 20V @ 216mA.


This circuit exhibits an High Output Power of 5W and an excellent PAE of 17% @ 37dBm. It is proposed in a SMD RoHS compliant 5x5mm2 28 leads QFN package.

It is designed on a UMS proprietary 150nm GaN technology.

Main features:

  • 13-20GHz GaN HPA
  • High Output Power: Psat: 37dBm / 5W
  • High PAE > 17% @ 37dBm
  • Gain: 18dB


  • DC Bias: 20V@216mA
  • Integrated Output Power Detector
  • 5x5mm2 28 leads QFN Packaged
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