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CHK9013-99F and CHK9014-99F transistors

UMS has introduced 2 new GaN power bars, the CHK9013-99F and the CHK9014-99F.


They exhibit:

  • High power
  • High efficiency
  • Wide band capability
  • Compatibility with pulsed and CW operating modes



  CHK9013-99F CHK9014-99F
Nb of cells 8 8
Max freq (GHz) 8 13
Pout Max (W) 85 55
PAE* 65%@5GHz 50%@12GHz
Wide band capability Up to 8GHz Up to 13GHz
DC Bias VD up to 30V VD up to 30V
Technology GH25 GH25
Dimensions 0.9×4.27×0.1mm 0.88×4.27×0.1mm



These devices can be optimised in systems according to specific requirements: PAE, power, robustness…

To fine tune the overall performance, our ULRC technology, is open in foundry mode to design the needed matching elements.

UMS power bars are also available assembled in hermetic, plastic or flange packages.



PAE (%), Output power (dBm) vs load impedance (Z)


Comparison simulation/measurement for CHK9013-99F done in pulse mode @3GHz, Vd=28V, Idq=0mA.
Measurements are represented by multicolour dots and models by black contours.
Same comparison between simulation and measurement for CHK9014-99F is available in the datasheet.

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